Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Eyes

Happy summer, everybody!

So, I was weeding for hours in the hot sun the other day. My children and I call weeds "Wilburs." Let me tell you, these Wilburs were hiding among my dianthus and zinnias with James Bond-like stealth. Sneaky Wilburs are the worst! By the time I went inside to get a cold drink, I had spiders in my shirt. I don't know how they get there, but the daddy long legs always go for the shirt. (This is a joke in my family because it happens every time I go outside.) I also had a praying mantis on my shoulder. I turned and looked around and there the mantis was, staring me in the eye. I imagine we were both thinking the same thing, "Holy crap, what is that?!" I shimmied the insect off and it fell into the ceramic flower pot on my porch . . . (My kids tell me they haven't seen me move that fast since 1997.) *prolonged shudder* Obviously, I need to talk to my charming bug guy about spraying more around the planters.

Anyway, after the daddy long legs/praying mantis excitement, I went back out to weed. I proudly surveyed the area I had been working on. Not pretty, people. It had looked perfect to me before I took my break, and still, a few morning glory and milk weed stalks remained. They were so conspicuous. How did I miss them? Does this happen to you, readers? You think you've weeded out the bad things in your project only to find problems where you least expected them.

This applies to writing as well as gardens. Occasionally, you need to allow your work in progress to rest. Time away can definitely help you see your manuscript with new eyes.

Relax, blogging buddies. Enjoy doing something different for a while if you're weary. Your story will thank you for it.