Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play It Again

Hey, buddies. Today, I've put together a brief homage to some of my favorite movies. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be rewriting my second novel, The Second Life, but really, aren't movies more fun? I happen to think so. Especially, when my brain is tired, and I'd like to escape reality by taking a vicarious journey. To a world I'm not responsible for and didn't create, where I can bask in the glorious imagery and dialogue without worrying about punctuation and grammar.Ahh, Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen was brilliant, and I enjoy any interpretation of this wonderful story. I swooned over the version with Colin Firth. I ask you, who doesn't swoon over Colin Firth in that movie? Especially when he emerges from the lake in his transparent poet's shirt. Great moment! However, my preference leans toward the 2005 rendering with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. Love it, love it!
I like this photograph with Ms. Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet looking so wistful and pensive. Haven't you felt that way? As though your life was at a stand still and you were merely waiting for your future to unfold?
One of the highlights for me--Darcy walking toward Elizabeth in the pre-dawn light. He is rumpled and mussed with his unbuttoned shirt and hastily thrown on overcoat. No cravat, no tailored jacket, or societal propriety. This is so out of character for the very genteel Darcy, and it adds a sweet vulnerability and fervor to his part in this scene. Magic. Romance. You gotta love it.

Another fun escape. Casablanca. This movie is a classic for many reasons. It was filmed in 1942, and yet, over time, it translates so well for the modern viewer. The dialogue is always smart, sometimes funny, and often heartbreaking. And then there is Humphrey Bogart. I love his face and voice, and even when he's being bad, he's so good. The reluctant hero with a deep, conflicted soul. Every time I watch this movie, I wish I could make the ending happy for Rick Blaine.

My father said that he saw Ingrid Bergman when she performed a reading from Joan of Arc for the US troups during WWII. Dad wasn't exactly the gushing type, but he described Ms. Bergman with reverence, saying she was a "natural beauty" and "luminous." She certainly is gorgeous in Casablanca, and a remarkable actress as well, I might add.

Well, there you have it, bloggers-extraordinaire. I hope you enjoyed this little tribute. Now, what are some of your favorites? Why do you like the movies you like?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Awesome Is As Awesome Does

Happy Wednesday!

How is everyone? I am working in my garden today and folding the Mt. Everest of laundry teetering in my basement. Too bad Rex-the-fish is no longer around to keep me company. :( What are you up to?

Besides blogging.

Speaking of which, have you seen Carol Valdez Miller's *long, drawn out drum roll with pencils on desk* First Vlog? I intentionally put that in capitals and italics. It's hilarious! Loved it. I need a mask like hers to go with my cloak of doom. Check this vlog out, people. Carol's Prints you rock. I could never do something that cool.

I always enjoy reading your posts, blogging buddies. You make me laugh, teach me things, allow me to be a part of your friendly circle. A blog is awesome because of what the blogger does with it, right? Hence the title of this post--Awesome Is As Awesome Does. Now, for scientific research, and just because I'm curious, I'd like you to tell me what draws you to a certain blog--why do you love it, how does the blogger capture your attention, what special tricks do they use?

Share, brilliant buddies, I'm all ears.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Have A Modest Muse

My muse Daniel Craig is sitting in his chair by the window again. It's nice to hear him grumble about my poor work ethic once more. Last night, Dan and I were glancing through my Facebook page when we saw the Daily Dose of Daniel segment. (The shirtless photo makes him uncomfortable!) Anyway, we watched a short film he did a while back called The Cello. Very interesting movie. Well done, Dan! Oh, now he's blushing. He's actually quite modest, believe it or not.

Here's my question, blogger buddies. How do you handle praise? Do you become uncomfortable as Dan did? Or do you bask in it, hoping for more? I'm not so much a basker actually. I like hit-and-run encouragement.

I think it's funny that we, as writers, want so much to share our dreams and stories. Compulsively, we hold out our hearts and say, "Here, have a little piece of me." Yet, we are often shy when people read our work and like it.

Perhaps, you think differently. What are your thoughts, friends?

And may I say, I'm so happy to be reading blogs again. I've really missed you all.

Dan wanted me to share these writing quotes--he also wants me to fetch his cup of tea, so off I go.

"It is by sitting down to write every morning that one becomes a writer."-Gerald Brenan
"The best cure for writer's block is . . . to write." -Henriette Anne Klauser

Oh, Dan. It's a good thing you're humble and beautiful because you can be such a slave driver.