Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Have A Modest Muse

My muse Daniel Craig is sitting in his chair by the window again. It's nice to hear him grumble about my poor work ethic once more. Last night, Dan and I were glancing through my Facebook page when we saw the Daily Dose of Daniel segment. (The shirtless photo makes him uncomfortable!) Anyway, we watched a short film he did a while back called The Cello. Very interesting movie. Well done, Dan! Oh, now he's blushing. He's actually quite modest, believe it or not.

Here's my question, blogger buddies. How do you handle praise? Do you become uncomfortable as Dan did? Or do you bask in it, hoping for more? I'm not so much a basker actually. I like hit-and-run encouragement.

I think it's funny that we, as writers, want so much to share our dreams and stories. Compulsively, we hold out our hearts and say, "Here, have a little piece of me." Yet, we are often shy when people read our work and like it.

Perhaps, you think differently. What are your thoughts, friends?

And may I say, I'm so happy to be reading blogs again. I've really missed you all.

Dan wanted me to share these writing quotes--he also wants me to fetch his cup of tea, so off I go.

"It is by sitting down to write every morning that one becomes a writer."-Gerald Brenan
"The best cure for writer's block is . . . to write." -Henriette Anne Klauser

Oh, Dan. It's a good thing you're humble and beautiful because you can be such a slave driver.


  1. Hi, Roxy! So glad you're back, and thanks for posting a photo of Danny boy on your post. He's such a cutie!

    Ah, praise! During High School, I was terrible at accepting praise for anything I did. That's strange isn't it? Most teenagers would do anything for it, but I felt a bit unworthy, as if someone else deserved the credit. Now that I'm older, I am grateful for people recognizing my efforts. I need praise more than I did as a teenager, that's for sure. Great topic!

    If time permits, I'd love for you to stop by my blog. Yesterday, I posted about my BFF's and different challenges in life (something we can all relate to). Have a great day!

  2. I like getting the praise, of course, but I do usually feel uncomfortable and mutter "thanks" before moving on as fast as I can. :-)

    Glad you're back! And Dan, too...

  3. Please let me be Dan's slave too!


    Anyway!! Praise - awwww! I like praise! I don't get enough or any of it really - I would kill to get some for my writing but alas I'm not silly and know I'm not good enough.

    There's also another type of praise that I'd sell my soul for - that from "the establishment" because what I'm really looking for is validation. If a mag bought one of my stories,if I win a writerly competition, if I get my story in an anthology - these kinds of praise! :-)

    Anyway, praise from Dan will be just as good! LOL!

    take care

  4. I'm usually quite bad at accepting praise. I deflect, deflect, deflect! And I turn red. I must admit I do love it, though.

  5. Dan rocks! I won't lie. =) I find it hard to accept praise, but deep down, I'm always glad someone likes what I've written. It keeps me going! =)

  6. I'm terrible with praise. I go beetroot red and stammer a lot. lol.

  7. :) I actually have a really hard time with compliments. I never know how to accept them well. As far as personal compliments go, I never believe them (but it's rude to be like, 'you're wrong' so I usually just say thanks) but when my story/characters are compliment, I get super happy. Like, "What? Can you repeat that please?" :D I'm ridiculous, I suppose.

  8. I accept praise as unsuccessfully as I try not to pine for it. When it comes my way, I'm uncomfortable and feel like a braggart. When it doesn't come my way I'm sure everyone around me thinks I'm a hack. I'm a hopeless case! LOL

    Great to visit you, Roxy! Hope you're doing fine :D

  9. It's always been difficult for me to accept praise. I squirm, blush, and wonder what ulterior motive the complimenter had. Terrible. Yet I so want it to be true. Everyone wants validation. I'm trying to get better about it.

  10. Roxy!! I have missed you so much! I'm glad to see you, how've you been friend?

    I really don't like to accept praise face to face, I never know what to say, and I feel like an idiot. But it is encouraging, just the same, if it's genuine. And I think that helps to keep me going. Not that I'm a praise hunter, but you know I like to be liked :)

    I love this post, well said Roxy!

  11. Praise: I love it and am terribly uncomfortable with it at the same time.

  12. I love praise, but it usually makes me uncomfortable. Strange, isn't it? LOL.

  13. So fun. Your muse is a real charmer, I must say. Praise, yes, hmm... I like it. I think I *shouldn't* like it. It's so tricky. Writing is so subjective. But it's so nice to know when people respond to your work in a positive way. It makes you think maybe.. perhaps... IF we are lucky enough to get published... READERS will respond positively too.
    I try to be gracious and humble and continue asking for in depth criticism. I like people to know that I am OK with their WHOLE opinion. (ie- even if they loved it overall, they might have thought chapter 10 was slow and X character was not believable.) I want the whole story! : ) Nice post!

  14. It's funny about praise isn't it. If someone critiques my MS and likes it I don't believe them...

  15. I turn the praise around and find something nice to say to the person giving it!

  16. Praise is tough. We're so conditioned to expect negativity in all things, praise is tough. I keep working on my students to give and receive compliments with grace. It is not easy!!

  17. That's one handsome muse you have there! :)

  18. Geez, Reader is messing with me again, this wasn't here yesterday, but obviously since everyone commented yesterday it WAS.

    I like praise (duh, don't we all?) but I don't need it. If I've written something brilliant, I will bask in my own self-congratulatory glow...everything else is icing on the cake!