Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Writing Tools

I must confess . . .  I was given two great writing tools simultaneously. A new laptop, complete with Geek Squad assistance, and a black Moleskin notebook. Which do you think I've used? Yep. The notebook. I like the way it fits so well in my handbag. And the little elastic band attached on one side, that snaps into place over the cover--as though it is keeping my secrets from the world until the next time I decide to write.

But I am thrilled to finally have a laptop of my own. I've been borrowing my children's computers for years and they always delete my files, erasing hours and hours of work. The Geek Squad has kindly provided me with sixty (60!) tutorials. Hopefully, I will learn something. Too bad the Geeks can't program my brain as easily as they do a laptop.

Bring it on, tutorials. Bring it on.

Do you like to write with a pen, a keyboard, or both?

What are you learning now?