Thursday, February 25, 2010

They're delusions I say, not lies. Delusions. Yeah, that's the ticket...

This award is perfect for me since I am fairly delusional about certain things. Take exercise, for example. No, really, take it. I'm trying to convince myself it isn't necessary.

The incomparable Christine at Christine's Journey bestowed this little beauty on me. The Pinocchio face is pretty sweet and that nose! Now, there's a wooden puppet after my own heart. Thank you, Christine. When I visit your blog, I realize how cool and talented you are each time you post. (And that's no lie!)

Here's the tricky part. Below, I have listed seven things about me. Many of them are delusions, er, I mean lies. One of them is true. (Or, are there two truths? Hmmm. You decide.)

1. My favorite meal is a plate of steamed veggies! (Okay, that was an obvious freebie.)
2. My husband and I saw each other across a crowded used-car lot, and it was love at first sight.
3. I'm Irish. Cead mile failte everybody!
4. I despise cheese. Especially when it's all hot and melty on a New York style pizza. Disgusting!
5. I don't like ice cream at all. It's just that the Haagen-Dazs has magnetic properties due to the iron supplements they feed the milk cows and it is attracted to my spoon. Simple physics.
6. My lawyer told me not to mention this, but I'm Neil Gaiman. (There, I said it. It's out.)
7. I write Women's Fiction only because there is no Men's Fiction category. (If there was, I'd be all over that.)

There you have it, in all it's creative glory!

I have chosen the next Pinocchio/Creative Writer winners because they do beautiful things with their blogs. They honestly amaze me. I can hardly wait for their list of seven! (Bask in this opportunity to invent, babies!)

Stefany and Lynniece at 2713 Mornings
VR at VR Barkowski
Catherine at Winged Writer-Catherine Denton
Tina at Sweet Niblets
Jenny at
Elaine at Still Writing

Well done, awesome writers, I applaud you.


  1. If I had to write men's fiction I think I'd stop writing altogether! That one was funny! I'm guessing that your irish and that one is true.

  2. Oh you make me laugh, the physics with the ice cream thing, light bulb! I'm thinking it's number three the irish one. Or maybe the used car lot, how romantic, sigh. . .

  3. Woot woot! An award- I love awards. Due to semantics of not knowing where to write my post - I am going to do my 7 truths here. (My friend Lynniece and I agreed at the onset of our blog that our posts would be short.)
    1) I have another blog that I used to write in daily until I have a bloggers breakdown/ identity crisis and I couldn't figure out which direction to go in. Now I use that blog for spouting off, bragging, testifying, or being creative but I never feel obligated to post. That blog is You can find my favorite posts on the left side.
    2) I was once run over by a school bus
    3)I am a recovering pepsi holic
    4) SOme of my new bestest friends are from blogland. Whod a thunk?
    5)I am addicted to stalking my stalkers via sitemeter
    6)My mother doesn't read my new blog
    7) I dont like sticky things.

    Thank you soooo much for the award!!

  4. I believe it's #2. #3 almost got me, but I know you'll say your husband is Irish or something. At least, I think I know.

    New York Cheese pizza, disgusting?! I hope that's not true!

  5. I'm going to guess #3 is true...and the other one...has to be #2 (??) Fun post!

    Congrats on the award :))

  6. Fun list! I'm still trying to guess the truth. The used car lot, maybe?

  7. LOL, that was a fun list. I love the iron in the spoon and the ice-cream attraction. And I'm with you on steamed veggies...for real, I love them.

  8. Congrats on the award. I can't believe you hate cheese AND icecream? Don't tell me, you hate chocolate, too.

  9. Thanks for your delightful comments, but I can't handle the deception any longer... Of course I LOVE cheese! Too much, in fact. I would marry cheese If I weren't already taken and if that kind of thing were allowed. Pizza is the bomb. Ice cream and I have a very close bond. I was lying blatantly, through my teeth. The only sort-of true thing is that I am of Irish descent. At our house, we celebrate big time every Saint Patrick's day!!!

  10. Hahaha!!! Loving these delusions. In fact, I think I'll appropriate the Haagen-Dazs delusion for myself. On that note, I do believe #2 and #3. Those strike me as more genuine--or is it possible that you are being sneaky?? Hmmm...

    Congrats on the award!! I just love this one. So fun.

  11. Congrats on the new award, and what a fun list! I enjoyed reading and guessing. :)

  12. Congrats on the award and thank you so much for sharing, Roxy! I love awards and this one's great because I get to lie ... uh, be delusional. I'm always looking for an opportunity to give my delusions free rein. Can't wait to hatch a few new ones. :)

    I would have guessed the used car lot. You grew up in Oregon - the land of Tillamook - knew it couldn't be the cheese or ice cream. And I thought #3 was too obvious. Ha! Very cunning, indeed.

  13. Congratulations! Your comment about "Take exercise, for example. No really take it" cracked me up! And what fun lies to sort through. I'm guessing meeting your husband across a used car parking lot.

  14. Shiny, fun post. :) I'm over here following you from Anne's (PW) blog.

  15. Men's fiction - now, THAT'S a topic! Would it include being emotionally available, never a selfish thought, and no weenie wars - aka who's the strongest, smartest, wittiest, etc?

  16. LOL too funny! :D

    I actually do hate cheese. Stems from some serious lactose intolerance as a kid. :P I'm bummed I didn't get to guess! hehehe... the whole post made me giggle, though.

  17. I knew you would make it funny. I say #2 :)