Monday, March 14, 2011

Netflix. The Sick Persons Friend.

Over the last week, my family has battled valiantly against the common cold. My days have been filled with hot cups of herbal tea, sick children, throat lozenges, and fluffy duvets. I've also been watching films sent to me courtesy of Netflix. As you can see, Matilda loves a good movie.

This has been a sweet situation, actually. Aside from the coughing and general queasiness. And the lack of writing progress. Very bad on that score.

What did I watch, you ask? Lots of British productions.
For example:

Doctor Who
Top Gear
Little Dorrit
Under the Greenwood Tree
North and South
Wives and Daughters
Lark Rise to Candleford
The Remains of the Day

My children love the gear heads and The Doctor, but they slept through most of the others. It's the price they pay for hiding out in my room.

Hope you're all feeling healthy. If not, I suggest you join Netflix.


  1. Looks like a great line-up of viewing to me. Must get myself some of this Netflex! Hope all in your house are one the road to recovery. Stay warm!

  2. I canceled cable so Netflix fills the gap on Sunday evening.
    All of you get well soon.

  3. I hope you feel better! I don't have netflix but I'm starting to think that I really should get on board.

  4. Hope all of you are better soon. I love netflix, both the dvds and the instant watch. It is handy turning on the Wii and picking something to watch.

  5. Not feeling healthy. I think I got the flu! This doesn't happen to me!!! Sorry for the theatrics--I am not Netflix and nobody wants to hear my complaining. I was thinking of trying to read with a warm blanket. Isn't there something comforting about British productions? Maybe it's the accent. I like to listen to British books. Maybe I'll go do that now. I wish I was listening to Her Fearful Symmetry. Maybe I'll just go read it and imagine the accent.

  6. Oooh which Dr Who?!?!?! Yay!!!! Awwwww the Remains of the Day!! That scene right at the end where miss kenton's hands slips away from mr steven's as she gets on the bus and off it goes!! Oh wow - sob city!!!!!!! Wonderful!!!!

    Yay for Matilda! She's not only stylish and chic with her fab lolita glasses but she's got taste too! Yay! take care and hope your family get better too!

  7. Sorry so much sickness. Hope everyone gets well soon. Netflix is definitely a friend to the ill, injured, and home-bound.

  8. A great bunch of films for days when everyone is feeling yucky. Hang in there. Hugs, Katherine

  9. I hope you all feel better soon. :)

    I love Netflix and did not know they had Lark Rise... on there. I'll have to add it to my list. I like that show!

  10. Lots of flu, colds and sickness all over. I'm surrounded by it.The best way to fight the blas is exactly as you're doing. flicks and snooze, flicks and snooze. Hope you and the kidlets are well very soon.

  11. You know, I recently discovered the pleasure of Netflix, and it's really hard to want to feel better when you have an awesome excuse to lay around and watch awesome series!! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  12. Roxy how horrible. It is enough when you are sick but when it's also the family it is no fun. I have just recently discovered Netflix! I love it. I love old movies. I say 'I' because I really haven't let my family experience much of it yet. I am glad you found comfort and rest with them. Hope you get better soon.

  13. I love the Netflix. I'm so sorry you are feeling under the weather. I hope you all feel better soon. =)

  14. Oh, some of those are on my wish list. Did you have a favorite? Hope the rest you are getting with all the movie watching will add up to a quick recovery!

  15. Movies are like comfort food - gotta have'em when you're sick or on another Spring Break Stay-cation. I finally saw Juno on Sunday. Great movie!! And, Avatar. Boy, I'm behind. Hope you're all feeling and breathing better soon!

  16. My hubby was in grad school When "Remains" came out. I remember putting my babies to bed while my husband was writing, and walking down to the theater to watch that show. I think I saw it 5 or 6 times. Lol

  17. We don't have netflex but am thinking more and more perhaps we should. Can't beat the price!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. We're fighting the nasties here, too. Nothing to do but snooze and read and snooze more. Oh, well, spring's coming!

  18. I hope everyone is feeling much better!