Monday, April 4, 2011

In Which an Old Muse Returns . . . Briefly.

We writers are dreamers.

Funny enough, as I was sleeping last night, I found myself sitting in my living room, wondering why I write in the genre I do. My teenage daughter walked in, looking excited, and said, "Mom, so-and-so from such-and-such agency wants to represent you. They have a publisher all lined up!" I remember feeling elated for a few seconds before saying, "This is a dream, right?" I woke up immediately after making that remark and laughed at myself.

I thought it was funny. Obviously, I worry too much about publishing success. I take that aspect of writing as a sign of vindication, as a means of showing those who have overlooked and underestimated me that I have merit in spite of what they think. (Weaving psychological need into your writing definitely tangles with your enjoyment of the craft. We shouldn't do it. It's self-defeating.)

What about just finding happiness in doing something you love? Can't that be reward enough? (Okay, maybe not. But it's still pretty great!)

This is my old muse Daniel Craig comforting me and saying, "Your story doesn't suck, love. Stop saying it does." He makes a good Bond, don't you think? (My current muse, Matilda the adorable dog, will never know about this because she is sleeping. She does this for hours and hours and hours! EVERYDAY.)
This is the angry Daniel muse. He doesn't like being ignored. When he tells you to write down that new idea, do it. Quickly.
In this picture, I've just told Dan about a plot twist I came up with. His expression really says it all, doesn't it? Usually when he looks this way, he crosses his ankles, sighs, and squints up at the heavens. Oh, I know what's going on behind those cool, blue eyes. He's thinking, "Why? Out of all the writers in all the world, why do I have this one?"

(Sorry, Matilda, but sometimes I miss Dan when you're snoring away in that chair.)


  1. Hahaha! I miss reading about the "old muse." lol The shower scene is one of my favorite movie scenes like...ever. haha

  2. I was reading my pal Anita Howard's blog and saw yours, thought I'd swing by. GREAT POST! I have a muse named Zuchinni. She's five-years old, with uneven pigtails, sticky fingers and the remnants of a Hershey's bar around her mouth. If you ever want to swap her for Daniel, please let me know :)

  3. If Matilda is the too freaking cute pug that is pictured on here, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for that pretty eyed one.

    Glad to find your blog, look forward to more.

  4. Haha. Wow, what a muse! I struggle with getting sidetracked myself. It's hard to not to let hope turn into expectation and then disappointment.
    My Blog

  5. Sorry lovely Roxy but I am having to scrape myself off from the floor as I have SWOONED at the sight of My Husband looking utterly glorious on your blog.

    Now all I need to do is wipe the drool of my face and have a cold shower!


    Then maybe sleep it all off with sweet Matilda!

    Take care

  6. How true to love what you write first, then try to send it out to others who love it just as much. I hope that dream comes true!

  7. Dare to dream, and enjoy the journey!

  8. Dan's a great muse, as long as he's not wet. When he's wet and his hair's plastered to his oddly shaped head, it doesn't work for me.

    Everything from his neck down is great, though. Totally muse worthy. But wait - does he bake? As in cake? I'd take him if he baked cake.


  9. I don't think you have mentioned your muse lately. I have missed him!

  10. HAHAHA!!! I like plot twist muse Daniel! That's the face I get from my husband when I say...well, anything.

  11. Ha! I always wondered why people think they need a muse, but you've made the yopic a lot more interesting!

  12. I miss Daniel. Swoon. This is true, we must not get caught up in 'weaving the psychological need' because it does take out the enjoyment.
    Have a great day!

  13. What a funny dream. Maybe it will turn out to be a deja vu in the near future. ;)

  14. I need a muse...maybe when I find one i'll be able to wait I have him, he's Alcide in true blood. Hot hot hot

  15. I've missed your Bond muse. I think in the last picture he's thinking, Why aren't I using my connection to help the only woman I'll ever love become published? Step it up, Craig!