Monday, September 17, 2012

Words Like Music

I was in the grocery store the other day, looking through the book section, as is my habit. Having never read anything by Steven King, with the exception of On Writing, I opened one of his recent releases and sped through a few paragraphs. They were skillfully written, but I'm afraid of being afraid so I didn't make the purchase.

Something did stick with me though--his word coaxable. I had never seen it anywhere before, even in the dictionary, and I loved it. Still do. So much so that I'm planning on working it into my next story. Thank you, Mr. King!

The perfect word at the perfect moment is like music. (Yes. I did read the dictionary as a child. Just for fun.)

Do you enjoy words?


  1. And now you've introduced this amazing word to me! Yay!! Thank you lovely Roxy!! I hope I never tire of enjoying words! And did you hear of the recent additions to the new Oxford English Dictionary? I think "amazeballs" makes it! LOL!

    Good for you for reading the dictionary!

    Take care

  2. I read the dictionary as a child too, just for fun. One of my favourite words is crooked. I just love how my tongue curls around it.


  3. I read the dictionary once. No plot but all the words were explained. BOOM BOOM!

    I like to make words up.

  4. If you are a "word-ie" you might enjoy following my friend Kory's blog ( She's an editor for Merriam-Webster often appearing in the videos on the M-W website. A hilarious gal who makes word-nerdery fun.

    I get a kick out of reading my rhyming dictionary. I loves me some poetry, as well as poetic prose.

  5. Love words! I didn't read a dictionary as a child, but I kind of wish I did. ;)

  6. I never read it, but loved the movie Shawshank Redemption. Pretty intense though.

  7. Oh yeah, for a series I'd definitely have to have it written down somewhere - I'd be sure to forget by the time I got to the next book! Carrie and I can be weird together because I too think through the details even though most of it doesn't make it into the book.
    Thanks for the post, Kyra, and best of luck with Strength Carrie -- I've been hearing great things about it.
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