Monday, May 10, 2010


So, I was doing the dishes this afternoon. I do not like doing dishes. Especially cookie sheets. Don't ask me why, but they are beyond obnoxious to me. Maybe it stems from my childhood. Perhaps, in some far corner of my sub-conscious, I have a repressed memory of touching a hot cookie sheet at the age of three. Or it could be that a neighbor threatened to whack me with a cookie sheet for cutting across his lawn. I really have no idea. All I know is that I abhor washing them. I do it though because, as we all know, sheets happen.And then it began to rain. It was a deluge. I expected to see Gene Kelly and his umbrella at any moment. (Born and raised in Oregon, I love the rain.) I opened the window above my kitchen sink and reveled in the sounds of liquid sunshine. I automatically felt better, all safe and cozy, as I finished my work. I completely forgot about hating the cookie sheets.
I watched the storm move across the valley, thunder and lightning playing tag in the hills. It was an awesome display and like the grand finale of a fourth of July spectacular, the storm was over too soon.
The horizon was scrubbed clean, and the air smelled of sage and pine. Life seemed better, more beautiful, than before.

During the rainstorm, I was distracted from my dislike of doing dishes by something lovely. Lately, I have dreaded writing almost as much as the cookie sheets. What do you do to distract yourself from tasks you don't like? How do you stay motivated?


  1. What a beautiful description of a rain storm! You always impress me with your imagery, Roxy.

    Music definitely makes unpleasant tasks more tolerable for me. And listening to my CD of ocean sounds.

  2. Great question. I have no answer. Whenever I get frustrated with the WIP I jump to something I left off. It seems to help a little, get my left brain going, so I can finish the other with my right brain. If that makes any sense.

  3. I love rain storms and thunder storms - they're beautiful and cleansing!

    I don't mind washing the cookie sheets - but I hate washing the muffin trays. Bleh.

    I don't get tons of time to write so there's usually no motivation problem. Thankfully. But if I do need or want a distraction, there's always a book nearby :) And the Stanley Cup playoffs are on - so that's always good!

  4. I hate the cookie sheets too. Loathe them. But I never loathe my WIP, more like it needles me when it's not working out. And I'm probably more annoying, I just peck away at the keyboard until something gives and it starts to move in a better direction. Not fun, but it works!

  5. I hate doing dishes that can't fit in the dishwasher! The cookie sheets are some of those! To distract myself I usually eat chocolate or drink coffee or tea. That helps me get through the brambles in my writing!

  6. I struggle with motivation as well. When the writing doesn't come, I turn to reading. It usually inspires me to try again :)

  7. I love cookie sheets because it means cookies! And the rain cheers me up as well :) I reward myself for jobs I don't want to do, and play little tricks on myself with positive reinforcement.

  8. What stunning photographs to go along with your vivid writing. Rain. Cookie sheets. For me it's the muffin pan that I hate to clean. I don't use paper muffin cups and I wash dishes by hand since there's only my daughter and I.

    I have lulls in my writing when I cry out "I can't write anymore." Then I remember my dearest friend of 45 years (who passed away a few years ago) laughing and saying, "Yes you can." And so I laugh too at me and sit down at the computer and start writing. Well, sometimes this works.

  9. Change of scenery, write in a coffee shop or something. Share a bit with a friend. Write something really weird. Read something far out.

  10. I hate dishes too! They're never done. You wash them all and someone comes by and puts a cup they just used. I know I should be glad that one of my children actually put a used dish or utensil in the kitchen...but it's just so disheartening.

    I try to focus on something roomy my counters look once dishes are done. How good I feel when my workout is finished. If that doesn't work, I resort to bribery...I can read that book after dishes are done, etc.

  11. Storms are soothing, as long as I'm inside.

    I hate ironing and I don't know how to distract myself because I have to concentrate or I'll add creased or burn myself! Music helps me when I write, but not when I iron.

    I hope you get back in your writing groove soon.

  12. Me and you we are on the same wavelength my friend. I HATE washing cookie sheets, seriously. And that is so funny because during that rainstorm I was washing them too!

    I don't know what to do to get through unpleasant tasks. Sometimes I daydream, usually about my WIP. But usually it's music. That always seems to help.

    I hope you're loving your writing again soon, let me know how you do it k?

    Beautiful writing, about the rain. Just beautiful :)

  13. I love rainy days too! They are wonderful.

    I get distracted from food (I really do). That is one of the reasons I have to run on the treadmill. =)

  14. Excellent imagery.

    Distractions? Music. If I need to calm down I listen to something soothing. If I need to let off some steam, I get up and dance. :)

  15. I hate dishes. I DESPISE scrubbing anything, with baked on anything, on it. I do love the rain too!
    I distract myself when doing dishes, laundry, anything chore-ish by thinking. I do a lot of brainstorming when I clean. Music helps too.
    Awesome post!

  16. I've been avoiding writing as well. I really don't have an answer for you. Here's to us both finding a way to enjoy the rain instead of running from it! :)

  17. I am so sorry - I haven't a clue what a cookie sheet is???

    I bake cookies on a tray lined with parchment. Now I want a cookie sheet! :-)

    Thunderstorms and harsh rain are ok when not caught up in them!! But they do have a certain raw beauty don't they?

    Anyway - motivations??? I have one - the thought of what I'd be if I didn't have that urge and need to write stories.

    Take care

  18. ...dazzling imagery, especially considering your current dread of writing. I enjoy a storm as well. Writing during rainfall...there is no substitute:)

  19. Beautiful descriptions, a great post.

  20. cookie sheets are the worst! they never fit in the dishwasher

  21. Thank you for the great comments. You have given me ideas for doing things better. Again!

    E.Elle - I need to get a CD of ocean sounds. It sounds so soothing. I love the ocean like I love the rain!

    Anne - It makes sense to use the left side of your brain if the right side isn't cooperating. I'll try that next time.

    Jemi - Oh, I hadn't thought about the muffin pans! Bleh, indeed. They are worse than the cookie sheets. See? I should have counted my blessings yesterday. It's nice to learn you like hockey. You're very cool.

    Lydia - Typing away until something gives and good ideas start flowing. That does take discipline, but I think it works, too.

  22. Aubrie - I think chocolate helps with any problem! I'm glad we're on the same page here.

    Jaydee - It's amazing how inspiring a good book can be. I usually read several books a week, but I haven't liked any of them lately. Do you have any recommendations?

    KarenG - I am all for positive reinforcement. It's the doing the work beforehand that challenges me. I'm weak, I admit it! :)

  23. Ann - Your wonderful comment gives me new perspective. I should be counting my blessings, not complaining.

    Mary - I do feel better when I share with friends. It gives me that spark to move forward. I think I would be too distracted in the coffee shop, however.:)

    MissV - You're positive attitude makes me feel great. We're all experiencing similar challenges.

  24. I love storms as well. We had an incredible one with lightning last night that just got under my skin. Great post!

  25. Theresa - Now, see, I don't mind ironing. It makes me feel righteous and domestic. People tend to watch TV with me when I iron, but it's like a ghost town in my kitchen if there are dishes to be done.

    Crystal - It's fun to think about us both washing cookie sheets during the same storm. :)

    Carolyn - Food: good! Treadmill: worse than cookie sheets!

    Shannon - I love music, too. It's even better than chocolate or Diet Coke with Lime. (Those are two of my favorite things!)

    Alexis - Some of my best ideas have come from brainstorming while I work. Double productivity!

    Susan - We can get over this slump. We totally can. We'll appreciate our successes that much more for the challenges. :)

    Old Kitty - You are brilliant!!! You have singlehandedly solved the entire cookie sheet (or baking tray) dilemma. I will use parchment paper, as you do, and thereby eliminate the necessity of scrubbing.
    Why didn't I think of that before? Okay, from now on, I'm going to ask you for the answers to my problems. :) :)

    Elliot - Writing during rainfall is awesome! Why didn't I go to my office and work on my story instead of doing the dishes?

    Carole Anne - I'm so glad you enjoyed this post.

    Sarah - Yeah, what's the deal with those dang dishwashers?

  26. Sarah Bromley - I love your description of storms getting under your skin. Great!

  27. Rain, Storms. These are topics I've tried too! We all experience them. Your pictures tell your story even better. I enjoy what you do.

  28. Speaking of distracted...I could really use a cookie about n- SQUIRREL!

  29. Motivation for me comes from the support that blogging friends give. You give great support. That is inspirational.