Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rejections Are Not Always Equal . . . . and Counting My Blessings

Hey, blogging buddies. It's been too long. How are you all? Wearing your sunblock? I hope summer is treating you well. It's flying by for me. All is well in my life except for on the writing front. I can't say that I love it right now. Presently, it makes me kind of sad.

A few months ago, I sent a publisher my first three chapters. This company then asked for a full manuscript with very specific, glowing comments about how the acquisitions editor loved my story Charm Bracelet. Last week, I received a form letter rejection from them.

Don't think I'm new at receiving rejections.

No, I'm a well-seasoned rejection recipient. I received one just today, in fact. Yet that one didn't bother me. It came in response to
a query I sent to an agent over a year ago. They were just getting back to me. No biggie. I can handle that type of no.

The painful dismissal comes after unprecedented praise from someone who appears to love what you write and then, after consideration, decides it's not publishable. Ouch. I repeat, ouch. If you are in a discouraged place at this moment, blogger-friends, I'm with you in the trenches.

No, I'm not giving in. Or up. I'm just counting my blessings. I have other things in my life to cherish besides writing. Here is a short list of what brings me joy . . .

#1. My beautiful children. They are an endless source of happiness. Who could feel bad with them around?

#2 The early morning view from my deck. Whenever I see the sun come up, it makes me glad to be alive. I'm thankful for a new day, each day.

#3 I like that I can wear a faded baseball cap and an old pair of tennis shoes, and my husband still calls me gorgeous.

#4 I love flowers! I can spend hours in my yard and never grow bored. Gardening can be great therapy.

Of course, my list could go on indefinitely. I'm sure you have a long list of your own, dear readers. Let's continue to remind ourselves of the blessings we have while we reach for those dreams that are just beyond us.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Im thankful for people like you who put things in perspective! I too got a rejection after a hopeful dialogue with an acquisitions editor. My first. Gotta keep pressing on.

  2. Roxy, that just stinks. I think once you get a request for a full, if they reject it they should say SOMETHING concrete. Or at least personalized. A little note. A real signature.

    Good to recall what you're thankful for. I'm thankful for my family too and the places we all live, so I get to spend time in different types of environments. I'm glad for my health.

    Keep at it. Don't get discouraged. You'll get there.

  3. Oh, pooh. That kind of rejection IS frustrating, but you're right. We have so much to be thankful for.
    I'm blessed to be living in a beach resort and can really enjoy summer with all the tourists.

  4. You have a great attitude about rejection. No matter how long you write, you never get 100% used to it, tho'.

    It's always good to count our blessings & you have a lot to be thankful for.

    I'm thankful for the fact that I'm able to read because I've learned a lot from doing so!

  5. I'm sorry about the rejection...I'm sure it stings, but after the glowing praise of your writing, you should be confident the rejection didn't have anything to do with your product/ability. There are so many other factors that could be at play here. You KNOW they don't praise everyone, so you should hold that close and let the rest go.

  6. So sorry about the rejection! I hate it when people get form letters on fulls. :( At least your mind is in the right place though. We get so caught up in the feelings dragging down that we often forget to count all the things that go right. I'm thankful for the chance to read your blog and the blogs of other authors. Without them I might have gone nuts by now!

  7. I'm thankful that is more than one publisher out there, and that a rejection isn't the end of the story by a long shot.

  8. Oh Roxy!!!!!! Bad bad bad bad publisher to string you along like so!! That's just awful - I am so so so so so sorry!! :-(

    I'm with you in the trenches too with my many writer-ly woes!!! :-) Hopefully Danny Boy can join us too - just to give us a cuppa tea each!

    Anyway - I'm grateful I can still pull off wearing floral attire (that I absolutely adore - it's the girly in me!!) at my grand ol age! LOL!

    take care

  9. Shame that the publisher who took the time to read your MS couldn't give you notes on what they felt it needed to become publishable.

    I get happiness from my cottage, up on the hill, overlooking my country town, the hills, trees and orange sunsets. And puppies, puppies always make me happy :-D

  10. I am thankful for so many things. Above all else, awesome loved ones who inspire me to write *grin*

    and that publisher SUCKS..

  11. Many, many of us have been in the same situation. Good for you for staying so positive.

    Right now I get happiness from turning my study into a New Zealand/Middle Earth sanctuary. A space that is MINE!

  12. Hmmm...I'd be writing that publisher a note and just inquiring nicely if they could give you a few words as to why they decided not to go with it. What have you got to lose? I've done it and it has been helpful.
    Being rejected has to hurt - of course it does. And counting your blessings is a wonderful antidote.
    My blessings are my family, my spiritual practice as a Buddhist, and nature.

  13. So sorry that you've been on this hurtful roller coaster. But as others have said, I'm thankful for the diversity of the publishing world, and that one no is not a no from everyone.

    And thanks for the lovely reminder to be thankful for the good in our lives no matter what.

  14. Lovely post. That kind of rejection is rough, but you demonstrate remarkable poise in your reaction. I hope your next news from publishers is much more positive. :)

  15. I'm so sorry Roxy. I'm right there with you. I'm glad you've been able to keep your perspective. It takes a strong woman to stare adversity in the face and keep on fighting.

  16. That's a harsh rejection. Keep plucking along, and I'm glad your not giving up or in. :)
    I'm thankful for the ability to learn, reason, and help. Its not much but its what I'm good at. My kids are a huge blessing as well because I never would have found my abilities without them, and they teach me far more than I ever hoped to have learned.

  17. You get further with each try...look at it that way. Good job on being asked for a full!

  18. I went through your kind of rejection a few years ago, and I know how painful it is to get your hopes up and have them shot down. It feels as if that agent had the final word on your writing, which of course they don't. But if feels that way for a while. Keep plugging on. As writers, we really have no other choice.

  19. I received a rejection about two years ago. It was the best thing that happened to me (believe it or not). I had to learn more about the craft of writing and get better. I'm doing that now and feel more capable as a writer. So I guess I am thankful for that rejection letter.

  20. Sorry about the rejection. Wallow for a while. Rejections sting and that's a fact. But you have your priorities in order. You're going to make it.

  21. Sorry about the rejection but at least you put things in perspective. You will do this--I know you will.
    I'm thankful for my family and friends who support me.

  22. You have the right attitude Roxy. Just like you, I'm happy for my family. And I'm really happy for my health and day job -- it's still pretty rough out there for the unemployed.

  23. I am sorry that they declined your work. Huge bummer. Keep trying. It's like shopping, that one wasn't the right fit. Okay? Put it back in the mail.

    I am grateful for my four healthy boys. I am grateful for my gift and skills as a pianist/musician. I can always make music. And, I'm a good piano teacher with many sweet budding musicians who sit on my bench and share their lives with me.

  24. I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become a follower of it if you wish.

  25. Good for you! You are such a positive person, moving past rejection and relishing the praise. You know what really matters in life! You are also ambitious and determined.

  26. Wow! You can look at the bright side. Well, what I'm thankful for... freedom. I can blog and write and choose my future and make mistakes and try again. I have the freedom to do all that. That's what I'm thankful for.

    Also, I'm thankful for your blog, so I started following you. Come on over to my blog as well, and follow me. I'm an aspiring writer

  27. I've had that happen to me, too; and ahve always concluded that writing is NOT the be all and end all of life. Everything you're thankful for is what matters - especially your family.

    Keep writing. Keep sending out. Keep trying.

    p.s. I think if a publisher goes that far, they should make some comments about what they felt was "wrong." But most of them don't do this, unfortunately.

  28. Sorry about the R. I got one after like 6 months -- totally wasn't expecting it, just came out of the blue one day (hadn't been querying in a while, so I was sort of shocked). I'm thankful the agent took the time to respond, though. She didn't have to, so that was nice of her.

    Stopped by to let you know, I just posted an interview with literary agent Laurie McLean on my blog: www.kayemevans.com/blog

    She provided awesome info, the most substantive answers I've received from a literary agent. Hope you can check it out!