Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Havoc

Yes, I am not dead. I am merely overwhelmed. And sleep deprived. Damn, but I miss the sweet assistance of the public school system in my life. Where is the drama-free order I once cherished? And what of the steely-eyed high school Assistant Principal? September through May, I didn't properly value his contribution to our overall family peace. Now that it's the first of July, he's looking kinda good to me. I miss that man.

Why, you ask? Is it the mustache? The strapping male physique? No, sorry, it's neither of those. His attraction lies in the fact that he can intimidate my teenagers into behaving themselves. And, quite frankly, I suck at that. I'm a marshmallow. I give out work assignments and my children look bemused, as though I'm speaking gibberish.

Is this sunny season unleashing chaos in your life, too, or is it just me? I'm the first to admit that I lose all sense of direction and purpose once the kids are free of school, outnumbered as I am six to one. I don't even pretend to set goals anymore because they'll never be realized.

Part of my problem is that I am caught between the exacting, grownup world my husband exists in and the shiny, devil-may-care, it's-summertime-and-I-can-stay-up-'til-the-cows-come-home realm my children inhabit.

The Dilemma: hubby wakes up at 5:00a.m./ kids stay up late.

The Result: I'm tired all the time. My brain hurts more than usual. I don't write as much as I should. And, really, who has the energy anyway?

I'm not seriously complaining. It's nice that my husband likes to talk to me and kiss me goodbye in the morning. It's also good to have my children at home. I just wish that sleep wasn't so necessary.

How is your summer going? Have you done anything fun or wonderful? Have you experienced some havoc yourself? Are you happy with your writing?

Cheers, blogging buddies! I've missed you guys.


  1. I swear I was just looking at my blog roll a little bit ago thinking, 'We haven't heard from Roxy in awhile' and here you are!

    I love summer weather. I don't like the summer schedule. We are always going somewhere or carting the kids around. I would like the kids to go to school year round, BUT I'd like the summers off so I can revisit my childhood and veg in the sun. Is that asking too much?

  2. Darling, I think we share the same life. I have hardly been blogging or visiting anyone's blogs. Summer has knocked the wind out of me. I am tired ALL the time. So I feel your pain, luv. I do. Take a break when you have to. We'll still be here. Although, well, actually, I think so many of us are taking breaks from it all.

  3. Awww Roxy!!! I missed you loads!! But glad to know you are ok - sleep-deprived but basically ok! LOL!

    Summer is here, England are out of the World Cup, Federer got beaten at Wimbledon (?!?!?!??!), the sun is out, the skies are blue, there are no clouds to spoil the view...

    Ok nuff singing.

    I'm liking your Assistant Principal. Maybe you could get Danny Boy to entice him over? :-)

    Enjoy your summer, your kids and your hubby! And good luck with your writing!!!!

    Take care

  4. Summer is allowed to be fun, unscheduled and guilt free! At least, that's my plan. I'm on my 2nd day of vacation and plan to enjoy every minute of it! :)

  5. Have a great time with your kids this summer and don't worry about the routine. You'll get back into it this fall.

  6. ...armed with a teen of my own who's currently partaking in endless activities throughout the summer months. I can relate:)

  7. I agree with the sleep problem. Since I'm not working right now, I stay up late but husband gets up at 6. Dog starts barking at about 7. I just want sleeeeeeep!

  8. Take comfort in knowing that June is over, and school starts back up in 2 months. Only 2 months. Keep saying that over and over while eating chocolate and trying to stay cool :)

  9. My husband is a night owl too. I get up with my son at 5:30 and the funny thing husband gets up that early too. I don't know how he does it! I'm always yawning. I just hope I will get use to it. Good luck with the writing. =)

  10. I went to Portland, OR to visit my sister. It was lovely, beautiful, sunny days, and loads of fun.

    My writing is a bit lacking, too. And, I'd like to give my blog a new look.

  11. I missed you Roxy!! I'm feeling your pain! But probably not as much because I only have three kids :) My writing and blogging have not been happening as often as I like, but oh well. I'm done worrying about it. I do the best I can and what I don't get done is just not that important. :) I remind myself of this hourly!

    The only fun thing I've done so far this summer is girls camp. Yup, I said fun, it was. I needed it :)

  12. Sounds like you need to nap! Something has to give. I always feel that pull during the school year. I get up at 5:30 am for work, but my husband stays up late. If I go to bed when I need to, I hardly see him.

    I'm sorry you're having issues with your kids. I can tell you to be tougher, but it's easier said than done. Make them volunteer somewhere to get them out of your hair.

  13. I like the volunteer thing or club thing for the kids, but it means driving them. *sigh* As for the time issue, I am a 30 something version of the kids (night owl) so I can not say much. I do wish you quiet time. Maybe you should tell your family "Mom needs this..." You are their mom, you deserve that.

    And thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to chatting with you. Love your blog background BTW. ;-)

  14. Oh, I hear you! I've had the good "fortune" of having more to do, less time to do it, and a nasty case of vacation brain. Not a good combination I can assure you!

    My new resolution is to take it as it comes, though. So I probably won't get anything sensible done all summer. I'll have to try to remember that you're not supposed to. The most sensible after all would be to sit in a park with a good book!

    Love the description of your kids, by the way! They sound like a nice bunch to be outnumbered by ;)

  15. summer havoc ... I feel like I could use some more fun havoc. Mine has been work related and prep for school in the fall related, which makes it much less interesting. Enjoy your summer!


  16. Oh how i miss summer havoc. Where I'm working, every day is the same, summer or winter. I honestly wouldn't know what day it was if my phone didn't tell me! Enjoy the craziness, as much as you can. I know you'll be glad for some order come autumn.