Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh, the Irony of Karma.

Breathing, breathing, breathing. Breathing is good, right? I tend to hyperventilate when I'm nervous. Can you tell I'm nervous? Am I babbling on-line? I think I am. Do you think I am? Anyway, I woke up this morning and went to my computer~just minding my own business and checking the email~when a message came out of the blue.

Back story time. I'm attending a writer's conference this weekend, you see, and there was a reminder for me from the master scheduler of the event. It was all very standard . . . Except for the bit about me having a pitch session with an agent! And Blair Hewes, no less. 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Huh? Can you run that by me again?! I didn't sign up for a pitch session! (Look at me, going all italics on you. A clear indicator of stress.) Where did this appointment come from? I don't know.

Soooo~ what to do? However it happened, I am signed up to speak with a great agent. Do I have a book to pitch? Yes, I have two actually. And who am I to refuse a serendipitous gift?

Tell me what you would do.

Breathing, breathing, breathing.


  1. Oh man, this sounds really stressful. I think I might start hyperventilating for you.

    I'd go with combination of all three: Bring a diet coke with lime (you put the lime in the coke you nut and drink it all up, loved that commercial, crap now the song is stuck in my head), sit down, pretend to drop something (it's a $20 bill in your hand), hand it to her and say "this must be your lucky day" (making sure to wink). If that doesn't work, start the crying and begging.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. Bring her a Diet Coke too, just in case the twenty doesn't get it done.

  3. Oh wow! That IS a surprise (and quite frankly, I think the italics were definitely necessary :))

    I've never pitched to an agent. I'd be nervous too. I guess, when it's all said and done, just be yourself, let your smile and your work shine and pray...really, really, REALLY hard!!

    Good luck!

  4. That's very exciting! And nerve wracking (not gonna lie). Just be yourself, and tell a great story. Good luck!

  5. What a great opportunity! How strange that it just fell into your lap like that. I know you must be anxiety-ridden, but just breathe and remember how much you love your book. If you do that, while you're telling Ms. Hewes about it, she'll feel it too

  6. Okay, I'm going to give you the same pep talk we used to give in college when we had to do our faculty presentations.

    You are a beautiful, glorious, wonderful writer who has a fantastic book to pitch. You have worked hard to write, edit, and revise it to the best of your ability. You know the characters and the plot inside and out. You must be brave, you must be you must be calm and most of all you must remember to smile.

    There, now, just think of her as someone whom you have never met, but is interested in your book. Like me. And she will be interested in what you have to say. You can do this. You're a strong woman (how many children do you have and if you can live through that, honey, you can live through a 10 minute pitch session).

    I have every confidence that you will be extraordinarily elegant, concise and fabulous. Now go get her!

  7. Holy moly woman, you're making me stressed :) Congratulations on the appt. I'm sure you'll do fabulous. It's just like a job interview, one that you know YOU HAVE TO HAVE. Good luck!

  8. The universe is giving you another shot at the pitch since you were so nice with that other time-hogger in front of you the last time.

    Loved the italics by the way...I overuse them myself from time to time ;)

  9. Wow! Sounds like it was meant to be. Weird things like that happen for a reason. Good luck! You can do it.

  10. Oh roxy roxy roxy!!!!! Let the muse of lovely Danny infuse you with even more charm, panache, style and utter fabulousness!! You just be yourself, speak from the heart and show your passion and you'll be fine!!! Oh yeah, breathing is good too!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! May all the forces of mother nature and the goddesses of the universe envelope you with strength and va-va voom!

    Take care

  11. You can do it Roxy! I wonder how your name got on the list. If you find out, you'll have to tell us! I hope the pitch goes well! =)

  12. Thanks for these comments! Each one made me smile. Picture me alone in my office- except for my dog Matilda- smiling at the computer. I appreciate you believing in me.

    I did call the conference registration lady, and she said that Ms. Hewes had two cancellations. Since Mary knew I had finished work to share, she put my name in last night.

    I'm much calmer now, and I figure that if I screw this up, it's okay. My plan is to send the stories out in February. This is just icing on the cake, and I'm sure will make for excellent blogging fodder.

  13. I would do my best not to pass out or come off as a complete idiot.
    Good Luck.

  14. Okay, slow down. Breathe deep and slow. Now pick which book excites you the most. Write your logline/pitch/handle whatever you call it. Say it outloud. Repeat. Feel that excitement and drive to share the book with someone else who loves those kind of books too. Because that's who this person is. Now let that enthusiasm come through. Remember, agents are just people too.

    Good luck!! This is an exciting opportunity.

  15. Oh my goodness, I'm nervous right along with you! BUT, I think you've been given a HUGE gift ... so start your calm breathing and get those manuscripts ready to pitch!! Good luck!

  16. Slip the $20. It always works in movies.

    I'm happy some karma is coming your way. Good luck!

  17. Maybe this should be a post of things to NOT do? lol Either way, your voice and writing will sell itself. Have faith in your ability! And a box of chocolate truffles wouldn't hurt either. ;)

  18. Good luck with your pitch! I have a feeling that if you just be yourself, you'll do great. :-)

  19. Take it and run with it. You never know what will come of it. I imagine you are more ready than you realize and this could be a gentle shove from the heavens above. Good luck!

  20. How exciting!!! You are going to do awesome!! You are such a talented writer, these things happen for a reason you know ;)

    I'll be channeling all my positive, , good luck vibes your way!

    Good luck Roxy!!!

  21. Heck girl, what's the matter with you? Stop hyperventilating and get to work preparing that pitch!

    Work out how you're going to present the premise of your book/s and make sure that your first three chapters are ready. Go online and research more about pitching agents at conferences so you're more prepared.



  22. Looks like a gift no matter how you slice it! Good luck with the unexpected opportunity--can't wait to hear how it went!