Monday, February 7, 2011

Ahh, Love . . .

Ahh, Love . . .
Ahh, Love . . . by Roxy Haynie featuring boat neck sweaters

Look above. Can you see the fun to be had at Polyvore's fashion department? My daughter introduced me to this awesome website a few days ago, and it's a virtual shopping spree. Without the buyers remorse. Or poor credit score!

At last, I can almost, sort-of, maybe--at least in my computer file-- own Pucci, Valentino, and Chanel. Think endless shoes. Handbags galore! Excuse me a moment, I'm wiping a tear from my eye.

Instant gratification, here I come. Ahem. When I have time to spare, of course. Of course.

I loved paper dolls when I was young. Did you? I loved coloring them, cutting them out, and using the tabs to fasten the delicate "clothes" to the cardboard figures. Then the story telling began. I imagined I was that winsome girl in the cocktail dress who was swept off her feet by a dashing, handsome stranger.

We ruled a kingdom, joined a circus, became pirates, traveled back in time . . .

Imagination is a wonderful gift when you're a shy, bookish child.

What did you want to be as a kid? Did you have any adventures? Did you like to create even then?

My pal Karyn at Confessions of An Aspiring Novelist is new to Blogger. You should drop by and introduce yourselves. I know you'll be glad you did.

Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. I can definitely appreciate what you're describing.

    I think Lego was my toy for creating worlds. In fact, I still occasionally have dreams where the world is made from Lego, so it must have had some effect on me.

  2. Yes, I loved paper dolls. Had a blog once devoted to just that - oh, and doll's houses too.

  3. OH wow paper dolls!! I loved them!!! They were great - the little tabs from the cut out clothes that you wrapped around your paper dollies!! Loved them!!! Awww wow - such fab memories!!!

    Oh Roxy!!! You are now a plant!!! :-)

    Oooh I'm all for looking up new bloggy friends! Thank you! Take care

  4. Roxy,
    Paper dolls... The thrill of my childhood. They did transplant us into another realm, didn't they? How great of you to bring up the fact that it gave us an imagination. Never thought about that before. Geez, yes. You could go anywere .... just change the clothes.
    Great thinking post for the paper doll crowd.
    Way back in the 40's there was a very popular song "Paper Doll" by the Ind Spots. Loved those words.
    Love and Peace

  5. Ohhh, that is cool! I loved paper dolls as a kid and would love to have some designer clothes. =)

  6. I loved those dolls. Did you have the magnetic vinyl ones? Loved those one too!

  7. I never played much with dolls as a child. I used to use old boxes to make space ships and go on advertures throughout the universe. I use my crayons and coloured pencils to draw on all the buttons and controls and use scissors to snip away at the box to make wings and whatnot. That was pretty fun.


  8. Man, yes! I loved paper dolls, and my daughter loves them too. It's fun to watch her create things out of paper and glue.

  9. How funny! My daughter loved playing with dress up dolls when she was younger, only they were wood and their clothes were magnetic. Now she does it on the computer, just like you :)

  10. I'd buy everything shown in that catalog.

    I just played Barbie paper dolls with my daughter this weekend. I was the "Teresa" doll. She's gotten way more fashionable than when I was a kid.

    When I was young, I loved playing with Barbies. They were probably my favorite toys.

  11. Thanks for these comments, guys. I like thinking of you playing with dolls and legos ;)

  12. I loved paper dolls too. I haven't seen very many in recent years, though. I might have to buy some next time I do :D

    When I was younger I wanted to be a pirate or a gypsy. After being hit on by several gypsies in Ireland, I decided I'd rather be a pirate. Heck, I STILL want to be a pirate :D

    Thanks for the link to your friend's blog. I definitely check it out!