Monday, February 28, 2011

Hmmm. If I Could Pick A Publisher . . .

I did some interesting reading over at Publisher's Weekly, and it got me to thinking. If I could choose a publisher, who would it be? This is akin to selecting the names for your future book's dedication or acknowledgment page. Not entirely germane to the situation at hand.

Just a bit of fun before I slip back into ninja mode and return to the Revision Zone. (Twilight Zone theme fades into background.)

Please keep in mind that these are the top 10 American publishers, and there are many more successful publishing houses in the world beyond these. Share some of your favorites if you don't see them listed here.

So, friends, who would you choose?

Top 10 Trade Publishers 2010
1. Random House
2. HarperCollins
3. Simon and Schuster
4. Penguin
5. Hachette
6. Thomas Nelson
7. St. Martin's
8. Tyndale
9. John Wiley and Sons
10. Scholastic

I love those top four. It makes me happy just to say their names! But where are Bloomsbury? And Little, Brown, & Company?


  1. Ooh, I had no idea Wiley was in the top ten. I'll have to tell my hubby. He has a chapter in a scholarly/popular book on Harry Potter and Philosophy they published last fall.

    I've always had a soft spot for FSG. Their parent company is Macmillian. They must be in the top 15 instead of the top 10.

  2. And Hyperion and Amulet! They've got great books in their children's lineup.

  3. It is weird that Bloomsbury's not in this list.

    I like Penguin. I always associate them with quality because when I was a kid all the classic books I read were published by Penguin.


  4. I would pick exactly who I have -- WIDO!

  5. Totally with you on your topfour except harper collins is my number one!

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  7. woops! typo...

    FSG is one of my favs and Square Fish (both are out of MacMillian). Fun daydreaming!!

    I like Penguin a lot too :D


  8. Penguin! Hodder & Stoughton!! Mills and Boon!!!

    John Wiley & Sons for their association with publishing medical books!

    Take care

  9. Oh, happy daydreaming. Why not! I don't know right now what would be the best for me...stay tuned.

  10. Honestly, I'd be happy with any of them! Or whoever else wants to publish my novel :)

  11. I don't know! Honestly, I think I'd be happy with any one of them, as long as they publish the genre that I write.

  12. Bloomsbury and Little, Brown are British, so they wouldn't be on the list, I guess. I'd be happy with any of the top 10!

  13. Pretty sweet Top 10. I love Candlewick Press. They don't take unsolicited manuscripts, but they publish some of the best children's books.

  14. Great top ten. I do like Bloomsbury and Candlewick as well. I wish you great success!

  15. What a great wish list. Having published three books with a smaller publisher, it's fun to dream about being with one of the biggies!

  16. Very interesting to see which publishers are on the list!

  17. I'd be happy with any, but Random House has always seemed the most popular (thus the number one position, no doubt!).

  18. I love Amulet and Little, Brown, & CO. But Penguin has amazed me with their publicity of Across the Universe! I also love Harper Teen.

  19. I think I would be happy with any one of them. :)

  20. I always think of Little Brown and Co with textbooks for some reason. And I'm with Christine, I'll take any of them!

  21. I too would be happy with any of them. They are all good, reputable publishers and could do a lot for my novels.