Friday, April 16, 2010

The Announcement Before The Announcement

You'll forever associate me with Hemingway after reading this. I'm a drinker, people. And today, I have foregone the lightweight Celestial Seasoning's Red Zinger for the hard stuff.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Diet Coke. On the rocks. With lime. There's even a diet Mountain Dew chillin' in the ice box for later. Ahhh, it's good to be me. (At least until I run out of soda. When it's gone, my life loses that glossy sophistication you all admire.)

See those cute kids in the photograph? I love them. They are awesome. Yet, on occasion, they drive me to drink. Sometimes straight-from-the pantry, room temperature, full-strength Coke. I'm not proud of it, but those are gritty, hard-bitten days.

Enough with the soft drinks and irony, we have winners to announce! Except we're not announcing them until 9:00 P.M. EST. This way, you have time to hit me with your totals. Or if you can't do that, I'll look over the last two weeks worth of comments and tally them myself.

This is a picture of my son practicing a scene from Nacho Libre for his Spanish class. I just put it in because I think it's funny. He's the one in the mask, hanging upside down.

Check out the lovely ballerina above. See why I asked for help with my teenage daughter?

Thanks for your participation in this contest, blogging buddies. I'll post the prize winners tonight!

P.S. You should check out YA Author Elana Johnson's blog. She has a video clip with a guy signing to Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus. He is so cute. I love his facial expressions. Especially at the very end and in the 'swingin' my hips like, yeah' chorus. Definitely awesomesauce, Elana.

Do you think that anyone has ever mentioned Hemingway and Miley Cyrus in the same article before?


  1. You had me at Hemingway. But then you went on to talk about soda. That's just cruel, Roxy. Sheesh!

    I was awfully amused by this post, however. So I'll let you off the hook for the teasing thing.

    You're welcome.

  2. I have 25 points! I loved Nacho Libre. I'm glad your son feels the same :)

  3. Thanks, Elle. It's so nice to see your picture here again. My kids are beautiful a lot of the time. I enjoyed dropping by your blog this morning!

    Simon- I would have you know that Hemingway and I are tortured, kindred spirits. Santiago is the ghost at my elbow as I type and delete women's fiction. If you think the soda thing is bad, you should hear about my drug addiction. I tend to huff candles in department stores. It's an embarrassing compulsion.

  4. Aubrie- Favorite Nacho Libre quote: "Beneath the clothes, we find a man. And beneath the man, we find his . . . nucleus." I also love School of Rock. "Freddy Jones. Shuuuut uuuup." Sorry, quoting Jack Black is a sickness with me.

  5. Hahaha...the coke thing was so funny! I'm more of Pepsi person, but if I didn't have that, I guess I could settle for coke. *Groan* Heehee.

    You do have a beautiful family!


  6. Justine- I was a Pepsi girl, too, until that Diet Pepsi-poisoning incident that landed me in rehab. I will only drink it now if I can't score my preferred brand of devil water.

  7. Your kids are gorgeous! But omigosh I think I would lose my mind. I just have two and they run me ragged!! Props to you mom!

  8. I understand your Diet Coke need. Though, I know it's not good for me. I keep trying to leave it, then those days hit when I'm so tired and things have to get done. What's a gal to do? ;)

  9. 35 Points!!!

    Okay that bottom picture was beyond hilarious!! Love it. So nice to see your lovely family ;o)

    Oh and on raising a daughter = patience.


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  10. ooops I did a blog post too so my actual total is 45 points - woo hoo more points yeah!!!


    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  11. Your family is beautiful! You must be so proud.

    Roxy, I'm totally sorry, I have no idea how many points I have/had. I think I only mentioned Daniel once.

    And I drink full strength luke-warm Coke every morning from a dirty broken glass. With a handful of stale Cheerio's as a chaser.

  12. I love the photos. The first one is just beautiful. I'm in a bus with a splitting headache, so I may not do the totals, but that's fine. I wish everyone else good luck!

  13. Solvang- You hit the proverbial nail on the head. I have lost my mind. I also do not have the IQ points I once did. That doesn't explain the nervous tic, however . . .

    Kathi- I like the 'What's a gal to do?' attitude. I'll tell you what she should do. Give in to the dark side. Just because Coke erodes nails, that's no reason to give it up. :)

    Courtney- I want to go shopping at Nordstrom with you. We could visit Handbags, Fragrances, and Individualist before trying on shoes until closing time--thereby earning enough customer reward points to fly to Australia twice. I think a contest prize is definitely in your future, but the competition for the silvery card is stiff.

  14. Awwwww you deserve the hard stuff: full on coke with added twist of lime!! And lotsa ice!

    What a gorgeous beautiful family!!!

    All looking suspiciously like Mr Craig...

    ;-) Oh I'm kidding!

    You have a wonderful fun and thoroughly gorgeous family!

    Take care

  15. Anne- Excellent! You are a woman after my own heart. I should have thought of the dirty, broken glass! Would Lucky Charms work instead of Cheerios? I'm tallying those points on your behalf, and I know you think of Daniel on an hourly basis so it's all good.

    Theresa- I am tallying you, too. How could I not count all those brilliant bygone comments?

  16. Awww, Old Kitty. I love your colorful comments. I usually read them twice! You are one of my favorite buddies. We have a similar appreciation of Mr. Craig. My husband told me the other day that I had ruined the James Bond film franchise for him forever.

  17. This was really funny! oooo diet Coke with LIME, one of my faves. And the nacho libre shot is hilarious!

  18. I don't know, just give me a handful of points. Your photos are fabulous. Ya, and good luck with the beautiful teenage daughter. I have a teen son (oldest of four boys). I'll be buying him his first real suit this weekend for his upcoming confirmation.

  19. That is hilarious. I'll remember this post the next time I'm desperately craving a Diet Pepsi.

  20. Oh my gosh, I loooove Nacho Libre! ("When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room... it's for fun.") The pics of your kids are adorable. :)

  21. What a lovely family! I bet they keep you on your toes, though! I'm a fellow Diet Coke afficionado -- is that worth any points?

    I also have a teenage daughter (14), but I don't have any advice for you. She's pretty level headed, so I don't have many problems with her. Her little sister though (8) is going to be a pistol! By then you'll be a veteran and can coach me through those teen years, right?

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  22. KarenG- My son in the Nacho Libre picture appreciates your support. He's scanning this page and counting the compliments. Keep drinking your Coke with lime. We need to band together as beverage sisters.

    Mary- I say we do a little match-making and arrange a date between your son and my daughter in 2015. I am also giving you extra points just for you taking your son suit shopping. You deserve them.

    Lydia- Diet Pepsi with cookie dough is even better.

    Shelley- That is my second favorite line from Nacho Libre!

    MissV- I love the pistol illusion because it fits my girl perfectly. Your daughters are just like mine, except opposite ages.

  23. Sophie's (4) favorite movie is Nacho Libre, Is that bad? We are hoping her talent of quoting the entire movie will be something she might be able to put on her resume one day. 'Beneath the clothes, lies a man. Beneath the his nucleus.'
    Taylor, Taylor. My husband would say to keep her locked indoors until she is 30. She is a beauty! Keep doing what you have been. Take them out of school early for girl time, listen to the classics (Metallica), and listen to what she has to say. You are a great mom!

  24. Please don't drink any more of that diet coke. Please please please. Aspartame or whatever the hell they put in that crap will kill you. It kills rats. You're better off having a Becks with me. Wanna come on over? Come on, Roxy, I even have sun tea in the fridge if you'd prefer. The door is unlocked.
    p.s. the kids are adorable.

  25. Terry's (Christine) - Sophie has good taste in comedy. She is ahead of her age group. Thanks for the encouragement with Taylor. She needs a great mom, but I don't always fit that bill.

    Yvonne- I am not liking the news about the rats. I guess I'll cut back my intake, and return to Red Zinger. Thanks for the invite! I'd be over in a dash. :)

  26. Beautiful children. I don't have as many as you and Karen G -- only four -- but they are great, and all grown up with children of their own. Now they know what I went through!!!
    I'm here because I see you've signed up on my blog as a follower so I came in here to find you. Glad I did!!

  27. Thanks, Ann! I'm so glad you dropped by and that I joined your blog.

  28. Diet Coke with lime is my drink of choice in the summer. So tasty!

    We used to watch lucha libres in my clase de espanol, too! Out teacher had a Blue Demon mask and we would make her put it on every now and then. What great fun!

  29. BEA-U-TI-FUL pictures!!! Nacho Libre (and that picture) cracks me up!

    Here's my totals :)

    teenage daughter advice +100
    advertise on my blog +10
    old follower :) +10
    fun fact about me +10
    2 comments about fabulous Dan +10
    daily comments +20 (or 25 if you count today)

    Grand Total 160

    And Roxy, just in case you didn't know, I think you are the awesomesauciest lady I know :):):)

  30. Alyson- Disclaimer: Diet Coke with lime is tasty though not healthy. We need to drink it sparingly. I'll still have it every now and again, but I'll worry when I do. The blue demon mask is the best.

    Crystal: Thanks for participating. I love that we're buddies on this journey together. Awesomesauce back at you!

  31. Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't see this post earlier. Sorry.

    Your children are GORGEOUS!!!!!

    But I would have to medicated if I had six kids. Heavily. You are my hero. I bow down to your awesomeness.

    A lovely bunco of photos. Thanks for sharing.

  32. I am medicated, Lola. It's called Haagen Dazs.

  33. You've got to be the first to mention Hemingway and Miley Cyrus in the same blog post. I commend you for taking that step.


  34. Jai- Is that condemn me or commend me? You're so funny. Thanks for the smile.

  35. I don't know if anyone would think of putting them together. So kudos to you for creativity/bravery! Watch out for the teenyboppers.... ;o)