Thursday, April 15, 2010

Give Back Contest Ends Today!

Wow, do I love a party! Besides being tax day, this is also my 9-year-old daughter's birthday. I am taking her out of school early, and we are going to lunch at Subway, then on to shopping and a pedicure. We're picking up my teenage daughter as well so it should be a fun girl's day out. Today is also the last day of my contest! I don't actually know how to run a contest, but this one really isn't about me anyway. It's about giving back to you, my blogging buddies.

Thanks for bringing so much fun and happiness into my life over the last few months. I'm reposting the particulars of said contest.

Here are the rules:

Newbie followers of my blog- 5 points
Well-seasoned, long-term followers-10 points
Daily Comments-5 points each
Advertising on your blog, sidebar, twitter, etc.- 10 points each
Remarks about my muse Daniel Craig-5 points each
Advice on raising teenage daughters-100 points!!!!
Funny stories, jokes, quotes, facts about yourself (These have to be clean, people.)- 10 points each

Use a calculator and tally up those points and let me know your numbers on April 16th. I will send your prizes to you the next day!

What prizes, you ask? Awesome prizes, that's what.

First Place: a $50.00 Nordstrom Giftcard. It's a shiny iridescent-silver, and oh, the things it will get you, on-line or in the store. Think of a pretty turquoise and black Brazen scarf, an over-sized Ariella ring, a pastel, grosgrain-banded Tarnish fedora. And don't forget the Sproutwatch. Cutest darn eco-friendly timepiece in existence! There's thatPhilosophy Blackberry body wash and lotion set you've been coveting and the Dior Addict lip gloss that really could be addictive. What about the Marc Jacob Hobo handbag which would look so perfect hanging from your arm? (Sigh) Okay, I went too far that time. No way can you get Marc Jacobs for fifty bucks. But there is a lot of great stuff to be had.

Don't worry guys, Nordstrom has a lovely Men's department as well. According to my husband, the Smart Wool socks are the bomb. They have gorgeous dress shirts and ties, not to mention cologne pour homme and skin care products.

The Second and Third Prizes are the ever-enviable Barnes and Noble gift cards in the amount of $25.00. We all love B&N! Show me a writer who doesn't like to read, and I'll have them tested for astigmatism.

P.S. The cookie dough has arrived from my kid's school fundraiser. Like five tubs of it! If I could, I would have you all at my kitchen table enjoying this treat--which should be tasty since I didn't actually make it myself. Daniel Craig tells me it's just cookie dough. It has no power over me unless I allow it. He's right. Right?!

Party on, dudes!


  1. Ooooh Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig, phew, Daniel Craig, Daniel Craid, Daniel Craig, cookie dough, Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig, er... Daniel Craig.

    I'm tired now. That gives me 1 million points!


    I hope you had a fabulous day out with the girlz!

    Party like it's 1999!


    take care

  2. Just to be clear we don't give you the total's until tomorrow, right? the 16th? ;o)

    Just want to be sure...I am crossing toes, arms, legs, everything for this one!

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  3. I thought I did this. I didn't! I'm bad at math, but I'll do my best tomorrow. Oooo - is that a fact about myself?

    How does DC feel about this contest?

  4. Have a great day with your girls Roxy!!! That sounds like so much fun :)

    Daniel is handsome and so wise in just about every area except cookie dough. It has cosmic powers of it's own that defy all efforts of restraint. So eat away, save some for me would ya? ;) No offense Danny boy.

    Advice about teenage daughters. . . Tell them they're beautiful, especially from Dad. Self esteem is a cruel beast as a teen, they need all the help they can get. And I know your girls won't get big heads about this.

    fun fact about me. . . I make sound effects when I push my cart at the grocery store. Like brakes squealing, engine reving, and crashing noises. I'm such a dork :)

    And thank YOU for having such a great blog. I love to stop here every day, you are the best blogger buddy out there :) :) :)

  5. Have fun with your girls. I love doing stuff like that.

  6. Hey Roxy thanks for following my blog! I grew up in OR, too! Where exactly are you from?

  7. Sounds like a fun time! Enjoy!!

    I do something similar with my girls every spring...let them play hookie from school and we spend the day doing fun stuff together. Which reminds me, I need to start planning that before they mutiny!

  8. So let me get this clarified, we get points for EACH comment between the time you announced your contest and tomorrow, or just one set of points for commenting period. See, I can't do math either and if I have to count up points well...

  9. Whoa, great contest! Thanks!

    And what a cool mum you are. Have a lovely day with your daughters.

  10. Happy birthday to your daughter and what a good mom you are taking her out for food and a fun. :)

  11. Happy b-day to your tax baby! One of my piano students shares this b-day, but she had too much b-day and couldn't come to lessons today! Hope you all had Just Enough birthday.

    I love the cookie dough fundraiser.

  12. Happy Birthday to you daughter! I hope you have a great time today!

  13. Why is DC showing up on so many blogs this week? Oh, because he's DANIEL CRAIG. Got it.
    I'm a relatively newbie follower, so I guess that's 10 points.
    Thanks for having the contest!

  14. Hi! Trying to rack up points here.....!!!

    First of all, I AM a newbie and so happy to be one!

    Secondly, I have two wonderful, beautiful, fun, well mannered, smart, athletic, talented teenage girls (oh, and a wonderful teenage son as well, but since you were asking for advise on teenage girls....!!!)

    I was trying to thik of a blog topic and so I'm going to use the advice thing as come on over and visit!!!!

  15. Hey Roxy! Thanks for following my blog, I am now doing likewise. Good luck with your contest and all who entered. :D

  16. Hi Roxy! According to my calculations, I have 110 points, or a 1,000,000 points, depending on how helpful you found my "advice on raising teenage daughters" blog I wrote last night.

    Have a super wonderful day! Oh, and here's a cookie dough anectdote for you.....we once bought that huge box of it at Costco, where each little nugget of cookie dough has about 5,000 calories apiece. It was in the freezer for a couple of weeks before I decided to make cookies. I reached into the freezer and pulled empty box!!! One husband and three teenagers had eaten it all and we had not actually BAKED a single cookie! I, however, was completely innocent!!!

  17. Happy birthday to you daughter yesterday! I hope it was a great day!

    And your muse is Daniel Craig? How can I crawl inside your head??

    :) Happy contesting!

  18. Aw, shucks. I'm a day late and dollar short but I'll still add a comment. About Daniel Craig. Who is a big, yummy dollop of manly delight brought forth by our Creator to say that all is forgiven, Eve. All is forgiven.

    BTW, we finished off our tub of cookie dough just yesterday. The cookies weren't all that good, I have to say, and I'd be tempted to return the dough because I wasn't fully satisfied if it weren't now firmly attached to my butt.

  19. Belated birthday wishes to your daughter and I love cookie dough too.

    Good luck with the contest.

  20. Stephanie- I am from Portland. Initially, I lived up by the Zoo and then we moved to a condo a block from the Willamette. I'm also a Lincoln High alumni. Where did you grow up?

    I'm so happy to read all your remarks! I'm especially glad to meet new friends. Thanks to Myne, KLM, Michaele, Stephanie, MissV, and Caledonia Lass for stopping by.

  21. I've been so out of it I totally missed your contest. No worries. :) I know you'll have lots of happy winners!

  22. There's always next time, Anissa!

  23. I'm from North Bend on the So. coast (class of 89). Went to UofO, then lived in Ptld for several years. Love it! Miss it!

  24. Nice to hear from a local girl. Oregonian ex-pats have to support each other. Boy, do I miss the green and the rain and the big trees and moss and the Portland Library and the gorgeous flowers and the beach and Saturday's Market and the park blocks and Portlandia and the lights on the river . . . I could go on, but I'm getting nostalgic and misty. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you have a great week!