Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awards . . . Part Deux

I broke my left pinkie yesterday as I was typing out that Soulmate award. But never fear! I have slipped my hands into a pair of fancy atomic-powered, steampunk, anti-carpal-tunnel gloves so today's three awards should be a breeze. I received these illustrious beauties a long time ago from some amazing writers we all know and love.

Anne of Piedmont Writer gave me a wonderful Supportive Comments Award. This is inspiring since she leaves such awesome comments herself. These happy people are the new proud owners of those delightful, yellow rain boots. (I want a pair bad!)

Lindsay (a.k.a. Isabella) @ Adventures In Writing

Hooray for these award winners! They bring the sunshine to your posts.

Now, on to the tasty Awesomesauce Award. I received this lovely prize from one of the awesomesauceiest people around: Jennifer Daiker @ unedited. She is not only a great writer, she's a blogging wunderkind. Look at the number of followers she has acquired! Go, Jen!

The pot of marinara goes to . . .

Justine @ Justine Dell
Kathi Oram Peterson @ Kathi's Writing Nook
Christi Goddard @ A Torch In the Tempest

Kudos to the cool! Post this on your sidebar with pride.

The final award is the inimitable Quillfeather. Really, this bird has charm and attitude galore. He may look like a rooster on the outside, but inside, he's all peacock. Jemi at Just Jemi bestowed this honor upon me. Jemi is so smart and writing-savvy. Join her blog and read those remarkable posts!

These are the lucky owners of Mr. Quill:

Jackee @ Winded Words

I'm taking my steampunk gloves off to applaud. You deserve recognition and honor. I lift my Diet Coke with lime and salute you! (Ouch! There goes my wrist . . .)

Tune in tomorrow for WIP Wednesday.


  1. Oh your poor pinky! And where can I get a pair of those steampunk gloves? I need 'em.
    Thanks for the award! Cool!

  2. Thanks so much for passing me an award but I'm so sorry for your pinky! Hope it heals soon!


  3. I may have exaggerated about the pinky injury. I think it's only strained instead of broken. With rest and a manicure, pinky will be better than ever.

  4. I think we need a writer's injury support group. Pinky strains, sore shoulders, numb bum, not to mention brain strain... It's a dangerous job, don't you think?

  5. Oh man! Sorry to hear about your pinky. Ouch! Thank goodness for Steampunk gloves, lol!

    Congrats on your awards, and thanks so much for thinking of me when passing them on! You rock, sista!!

    Heal quick, little finger!

  6. Man, I so wanted the bird. ;-) Thanks for the other award!!!


  7. I want some gloves like that!

  8. Ouch on the finger. Hope it heals quick.
    Thanks for the fab yellow boots. I shall display them with pride on my blog:)

  9. The bird is totally yours, Justine. Take yourself a Mr. Quill.

    The steampunk gloves are actually impossible to type with. I keep getting thnak uoy instead of thank you.

  10. Thank you for Mr. Rooster! I don't have him yet so he can come over and lord it over all the chickens on my blog roll. There's two things I worry about losing as a writer (besides my brain)-- use of my hands and my eyesight. But a pinky finger shouldn't be too bad, and it will heal fast!!

  11. aww thanks Roxy. This is lovely :o) ooh I hope your pinky gets better soon. ow! And it's wonderful to see Quillfeather has made his way to your blog :o) He's my rooster haha

  12. Thank you so much. I'll try to keep the sunshine going and not rain on my own parade, though eventually I'm bound to get on my soapbox and blow the whole thing with some winded speech on something near and dear to my heart....but I'll keep it sunny ;-)

  13. I hope your pinky feels better... Congrats on these awards, darlin!

  14. Oh no!!

    Your poor pinkie!! :-(
    I hope those super duper gloves are working alright and that you are on your way to healing your pinkie!

    Danny Craig ought to kiss it better really! :-)

    Awww lovely, lovely awards and nominations!!

    Well done you and everyone here!

    Take care

  15. Thanks, Roxy for the award! Hope your pinkie feels better soon.

  16. Congrats and condolences on the poor pinky! Hope you recover quickly!

  17. Yikes! The poor pinky - Keep those steampunk gloves handy - they do help :)

    Congrats on your awards and thanks so much for your kind words! Once my laptop is back I'll check out some of the links that are new to me :)

  18. Congrats on the awards! Hope your pinky gets better. :)

  19. The pinky is fine now. I'm doing finger push-ups as we speak.

  20. Wow, finger push-ups take some serious skills. Go pinky! :)

    And congrats on the awards too!

  21. Congratulations, winners!

    Roxy, did you see the pictures on today's post at Old Kitty's blog?

  22. Wow! What dedication and devotion posting with an injured finger! AND being so generous with the awards to boot!

    Thanks for the awesomesaucy award! My new favorite word, by the way. Whoever invented it deserves a box of chocolates!

    Very glad to hear your pinky has recovered.

  23. Theresa- Thanks for the info. I did check out Old Kitty's post. Another Daniel Craig moment is another win for me. :)

  24. Awe Roxy, thanks for that cocky little guy. I could sure use him right now.

    I'm really getting into steam punk lately, so I love the reference to the pinky injury. Thank Daniel it wasn't your thumbs, or your sentences would run on and on.


  25. Thankya for the award, Roxy. You're such a cool chick.

  26. Sorry to hear about your finger....Great job on the awards and you passed them along to some great bloggers. :)

  27. Roxy, you are just too funny! You really had me worried you broke your pinky until I started reading all your comments back to your commentors. :):) finger push ups, he he.

    Look at all those pretties!! Congrats to everyone :)!

  28. Congrats on all the awards! And to those you've passed them on to. :)

  29. Congrats on the awards, Roxy. They are well deserved! And thank you so much for giving me one--you totally made my night last night when I received your message.


  30. It's probably too late to mention this, but the Soulmate Award is supposed to link back to my post where I created it.


    Thankya kindly for the Awesomesauce Award!

  31. Sorry, Christi! I'll fix that error right away. Please excuse my faux pas.

  32. Awww, thanks!! I will put that up next week!!

    Congratulations on all your awards!