Monday, January 3, 2011


I love Guy Lombardo's rendition of Auld Lang Syne. I tear up every time I hear it because I think of the people who made me. Or helped me make myself. I look back at my childhood, that box of cherished memories and hard knocks, and I think of the metaphorical road I've traveled.
On New Year’s Eve, I withhold a few, quiet moments from my busy household and reflect on my blessings.
Such as . . .
1. Soft sweaters. It doesn't matter if they are old, new or in-between. When you put on a soft sweater, it feels like you're getting a hug. And I can never be hugged enough in my opinion.
2. Second chances. Third chances. To infinity and beyond chances . . . After enduring the monumental parental responsibility that is Christmas and knowing I have failed to provide the enchanting yuletides of my youth for my children, I am all for the underdog in need of exoneration. My heart aches for the person who doesn't have faith in change. Seriously, life would be intolerable if we didn't have the hope of forgiveness, if we couldn't believe that someday we could finally rid ourselves of the demons that have shackled and barred us from complete happiness.
3. Board Games. Few things compare with seeing your child's face light up while playing a game. In that relatively small amount of time, you can forget your troubles and remember why you love the people you love. And laughter? There is laughter all around, sometimes until your eyes water. Just ask my sons about the SLAM scrabble episode involving the word Larry...
4. My husband. I'm a big fan of marriage. If Louis were to repeat his proposal, "Could you possibly, maybe, consider becoming my wife?" I’d say yes again in a flash. Especially when he takes my hand and turns those beautiful grey-green eyes my way.
5. Our dog Matilda. I think this puggle is adorable, but she’s still undecided about me. I kind of like her playing hard to get, and I also like that she snores louder than any person I’ve ever known.
New Year's Eve reminds me of the treasures I possess. It tells me who I am, and like the glittery ball dropping through the darkness on the last night of the year, leads me towards more in the days ahead.
How was your New Year’s Eve? What are your treasures?


  1. My biggest and best are my family. After them the rest is sprinkles.
    Love the way you look at a soft sweater.

  2. This is SUCH a beautiful, and poetic, list of your blessings! I put family first, then side by side, church and friends. Your soft sweater is delicious, and I'm curious about the word "Larry" (name of my first husband!).

  3. This list is very sweet and New Years is a nice time to do this. I post mine at my birthday because that is a new year for me-- but, for you: family and friends, sunsets and a warm cup of hot tea. Best Wishes in the coming year!

  4. What a lovely post! I'm with you on the sweaters. There's nothing like a soft, fuzzy one on a cool day.

  5. Aww Roxy!!! Please don't be so hard on yourself (No.2)! I bet if I interviewed your kidlets about their Christmasess with mum they'd all say that it was the bestest ever!!! And the last one gone was no exception!!

    I love board games. I'm never very good at them but I love em! I like scrabble, monopoly, cluedo and trivial pursuits! And of course your Matilda loves you!!! She wouldn't be snoring so loud if she didn't!!

    Take care

  6. A most lovely list of blessings. Each one special and unique. :O)

  7. Got to love the simple pleasures in life :)

  8. Lovely post. So much to be grateful for...and stop beating yourself up! I bet you are a fantastic mom and wife! Because you so obviously CARE and that is half the battle of trying to do the right thing. My blessings include my husband and my grown son, and the fact that I now live in a beautiful mountain valley on northern Vancouver Island near the sea. Forest, wildlife (bears, cougar, elk, eagles, Orca's, besides the tamer stuff!) and that I can now paint every single day in a gorgeous dream studio that I waited over 60 years for! I think we all do the best we can and dreaming of the best possible life for oneself and ones loved ones can't be wrong if it is an authentic and ethical vision.

  9. Very touching!
    I have been asked to write an article about my mother. Talk about reflecting. I understand what you're saying.

    Have a great New Year!!!

  10. Great reflections. I would say my kids, my husband, my job in special ed, and yogurt raisins. Yup. In that order.

  11. awww I loved reading your list. Also, just love your blog title "a woman's write" :). Let's see what are my treasures? 1) the love of my life and my best friend, 2) my passion which gives me the motivation to move forward, 3) SUNDAY mornings when I can just lazy around, 4) friends and family-obviously, 5) my morning cup of chai!

  12. I treasure both my hubby AND board games. I also treasure drinking wine while discussing future plans, wanderlust, and the kids I tutor!

  13. What a lovely post. Loved this line. "New Year's Eve reminds me of the treasures I possess. It tells me who I am, and like the glittery ball dropping through the darkness on the last night of the year, leads me towards more in the days ahead."

    Happy Happy to you and yours.

  14. I love your list! It's so wonderful to remember that we have so much to be grateful for, and it is often the simple things that get us the most. For example, I am very atmospheric, and I think I live in one of the best places to enjoy it. I love the lake, and the moon, especially. Your #2 is my favorite. I love that you mentioned your fear of failure, because I am scared of that all the time.

  15. I love my hubster, puppies, and board games too :) Beautiful post! Thanks for visiting my blog :)