Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New View

My husband and I were strolling along through Central Park when he stopped and snapped this lovely scene. It's one of my favorite souvenirs of our trip. What a great guy! Handsome face, pretty eyes, and a clever photographer as well. I am a lucky girl.

Every time I look at this pic I notice the unusual perspective with the pine trees in the foreground. It offers me a new way of remembering that sunny pond. As though my husband and I were emerging from the shadows into a bright, enchanting world of our own.

It's nice to see things with fresh eyes.

Hmm, I feel an analogy coming on. Here it is, blogger friends. Sometimes, diverging from the beaten path of writing makes all the difference in a story.

How do you change your perspective when you need a new idea for an old manuscript? Do you take a walk, read a dictionary, talk to friends, research? Actually, I do enjoy a good dictionary read once in a while . . . What do you do?

Well, I'm off to paint my mudroom and guest bath in beach-y tones. Already half-done and looking good. Think teal and grey respectively, both with crisp white trim. Next step, making a shell wreath and doing faux plaster in the French Country kitchen/great room. As you can tell, I'm a do-it-yourself type. But only once a year to distract me from the winter doldrums. These projects give me a renewed appreciation for some undervalued spaces.

If only fixing my plot lines were so easy!

Happy Monday!


  1. That is a gorgeous picture! Love the writing analogy. Diverging from the planned path is so often exactly what the story needs.

    Happy painting! And when you take a break, pop over to my blog for a visit. New blogfest announced to help keep those winter doldrums at bay!

  2. Beautiful picture with a beautiful analogy. Have fun with your painting, love the color choices. I'm a winter DIY project person, too.

  3. My ex used to love reading the telephone directory as well as the thesaurus! Me, I have no patience!

    Your colour scheme for your room sounds lovely - beach tones, earthy colours, nice!!!

    Awww the pic taken by your hubby is very dreamy and magical!!

    I think taking a chance with planned plot lines is always a good thing!!! It refreshes the story! Take care

  4. Awesome picture, definite frame worthy!!! :O)

  5. That photo is so enchantingly sylvan! I expect fairies to show up.
    Wonderful writing analogy. I love getting off the expected path.

  6. That picture is gorgeous!! Breath-taking.

    I tend to take a walk or bake. Both of those help clear my head! :)

  7. Great pic! what a great analogy. When I get stuck while writing, I usually go for a walk or find some chocolate. ;)

  8. I only have one old manuscript. My first novel and I'd have to say I will never look at it ever again! :)

  9. I love that picture; the perspective and those lovely sunny greens in the distance. How do I refresh an old story? Sit on it a long while, and then read again to see if there is anything worth saving!

  10. I do a lot of internet searches for my research, but I also talk to people who are in the know.

  11. Very pretty picture and I love beachy tones... sounds lovely!

  12. That is an amazing picture. I love Central Park and was lucky enough to visit there about 18 months ago. So many special places there.

    To get a different perspective on a manuscript, I walk, talk to someone, usually sister or husband about it, and hopefully something will come to me.

  13. What a beautiful photo - hard to believe it's Central Park!

    I usually take a walk in the park when I need to give my mind some space. The great outdoors always works wonders for me.

  14. Quite a nice view. Thank you.

  15. Your hubby did NOT take that picture!